Bill Manager Check Refused

I sent a payment by Bill Manager Check-Pay to one of my payees. The payee reported that the check was refused by Bank of America. They say they will not accept a check marked "Signature on File". What is your take on this?


  • GeoffG
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    You might want to reach out to BoA on this. I would say this is common practice to use Signature on File. I just checked a payment I sent via PNC/Quicken online pay and it too has SoF. I cannot see how 1) they can refuse it legitimately, and 2) how would you put a signature on this type of check.
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  • titanrx
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    I just checked my bank issued paper checks and they are also signature on file. Never been refused in the 28 years I have been using Quicken with the same issuing bank.

    The bank could digitize the signature they have on the original paper signature card and apply it to the paper check, but personally, I prefer that it goes out the way it does. Don't need more copies of my signature floating around out there.

    The receiving bank has no way of verifying the signature of the check writer, only the signature of the endorser.
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