Capital One Credit Card Can't Setup Online Access - Reauthorize/CC-501

For the last week I've been unable to download transactions for my Capital One credit card.

It started by saying I needed to reauthorize which claimed success but failed to download and told me I needed to reauthorize again. I tried deactivating and reactivating based on searches in the support section but now I can't activate online services. I get a CC-501 "Oops. We're having a problem". I have an email inbox full of Capital One alerts letting me know I linked my account to quicken but quicken is failing to connect the account.

Apparently,this is an ongoing problem that Quicken has had since at least November 2021 without resolution. All the community posts link back to a status post that just says no ETA for a resolution, but the problem has been "Escalated". How can something that worked for years stop working and take months to fix. [Removed - Speculation]

[Removed - Rant]
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