Quicken Reconcile - changing Ending Balance values

In the new version (as with my previous version) I put the beginning balance in the right place to balance, added the ending balance, with the interest below. When I opened to reconcile the checks and deposits, the beginning balance I set up had changed to a lower amount, and this happened without my changing anything in the amounts. What is going on!?


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    If you're talking about Reconciling an account ... you shouldn't need to (and shouldn't) adjust the  "Prior Balance" at all.
    The figure that Q presents represents the sum of all Reconciled transactions in the account.
    SO, why are you changing it?
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    Is this account handled manually - or do you online download transactions into Quicken ?
    If manual - are you then performing the Reconcile manually .... from the bank Statement ?
    In this example, the online balance at the bottom is from the bank -
    which also is reflected as the paper statement prior balance

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