Checkpay reports that I have -1 checks left as of date 0/0

I added a new Checkpay account recently and am getting an error when I try to pay using Checkpay. Everything looks good until I confirm the payment and then in small italic font at the bottom it indicates that I have -1 checks left as of date 0/0. Then, when I click Confirm, it gets an error saying to restart Quicken or disable and enable the account. I believe the disable action will require me to wait three days to enter the two microdeposits.

At any rate, I found a workaround that might be useful until the Development Team figures out how to fix this bug. If you go into the Bills & Income tab and click on the gear pull-down and choose Bill Manager Payment Usage, it will bring up a dialog box that shows how many CheckPay payments are remaining. Simply viewing this dialog seems to make everything work after that (until the next time you run Quicken). At least I can pay my bills.

Sure would be nice if Quicken would fix their product!


  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your comments on Bill Manager. I've had the same problems and it seems like it appears after running the validate file utility. What I have done is to restore the file from the day before and then it seems to work, but sometimes I have to go back several days. Your work around is a lot easier. I sure hope this gets fixed.
  • Since 1992
    Since 1992 Member ✭✭
    At least 3 times in the last two months, upon attempting to pay a vendor using CheckPay, the software will tell me that I have -1 CheckPays available. I have not used all of my available CheckPay yet this year in a 30 day cycle. Updating the software did not correct the problem. Restarting Quicken did not fix the problem. Calling technical support has wasted and hour and forty minutes of my life and still not fixed the problem. Any suggestions?