How Do I reconnect my HSA to my paycheck?

I have an existing HSA that I used to have connected to my "paycheck" entry. I disconnected it at some point because I wasn't contributing to it. Now I want to connect it again but it seems the only option is create an new account. I don't get why I can't choose to re-connect my existing account.


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    Who is the financial institution for the HSA?
    Also, was the existing HSA account in Quicken set up with the same financial institution and does it have the exact same account number as your current HSA?
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    "I have an existing HSA that I used to have connected to my "paycheck" entry."
    I don't think you can literally do what you're describing here. 
    The natural order of transactions is that first you deposit your net paycheck.  Either you enter the paycheck in your checking Account manually or Quicken does it for you if you've set up the paycheck as a Reminder.  The HSA deduction, one of the splits associated with your paycheck entry, "feeds" the dollar amount over to the HSA Account you have set up in Quicken.  If it happens that the financial institution (FI) holding your HSA account allows downloads into Quicken, then when that FI processes the deposit the next download for that HSA Account will confirm ("match") the dollar amount fed to it by the paycheck entry.  The information can't flow backwards from the FI processing the HSA deposit and then somehow showing that as a deduction against the paycheck you've deposited (and already recorded in Quicken) in the bank.
    If you're not making an HSA contribution then the paycheck entry in the bank Account has no deduction for an HSA contribution and the HSA Account in Quicken is not affected.  If you are making an HSA contribution through your paycheck then the you add that deduction to your paycheck entry and your HSA Account in Quicken shows the contribution. 
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