Reports should auto shrink column widths, removing extra spaces, before displaying them

B) I've been a Quicken Windows user for 14 years and have been putting up with the reports not having their column width automatically being adjusted so the column widths are the minimum width of the data in them, with the spaces removed at their end. It is ridiculous that every time I generate a report, I have to maximize the report and/or adjust all the columns widths so I can see the date on the left and the amount on the right. An example is when I am in my checking register and right click on a transaction and tell it to generate a report of Payments Made to (payee) "ABC Store". All new reports should do the automatic column trimming. If you save a report, it should save the current column widths. It would also be nice to have a button or option to trim all column widths. Sometimes I wonder if the programmers and CCB team members actually use the Quicken Windows program. If they did, they should have push to have the changes for these basic annoying issues worked into a future upgrade.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    It appears that in R38.29, your Idea has partially been implemented. When you adjust the column widths for a Pop-up report like the Transaction report in your example, Quicken remembers the widths and uses your settings whenever it opens that report. 

    The window size still remains at the default, however.
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  • PopPop57
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    It would be nice if you could set default "system" report settings for various types of reports. I don't want to have the TAG or Tax Item columns showing in most reports and I always want to Auto Trim Report Columns. If they had default system report settings with a Maximize Report Window check box, an Auto Trim Report Columns check box and a list of columns names with check boxes, so columns can be included/not included in reports, most of the reports would initially look better. You could then generate specific reports and select the options as needed to finetune the default options. This way Quicken wouldn't continue to reformat the report column widths and show columns I rarely want to see.