Why is Quicken Not Able to Fix Problems

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Why has it been at least 5 months and Quicken still cannot fix all of the CC-501 problems? I mean, we are required to pay an annual service fee of $78 for what? If I was in a condo or home association I'd be able to get small claims court to side with me on not paying anything until the lemon gets fixed. Any end in site?


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    Unfortunately, this is the nature of Express Web Connect. Create a complicated system with no standards because the financial institutions won't adopt one, and this is what you get.
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    Intuit continues to have difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect connection method for Quicken.  If you are not willing to accept the unreliability of this connection method, I suggest you use the Direct Connect or the Web Connect connection method if available instead.  If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-quicken-connects-your-bank

    Intuit is attempting to maintain the Express Web Connect connection method for over 15,000 financial institutions for Quicken.  At any time, any number of these web sites may be down or have been modified in some manner that breaks Intuit's script for accessing the specific web site and formatting the data appropriately for Quicken.  Intuit management decides which Express Web Connect issues are assigned their limited resources.

    By comparison, the Direct Connect and the Web Connect connection methods are maintained by the financial institutions.  Generally, when there is an issue with Direct Connect or Web Connect, the financial institution is responsible for correcting the issue.  The financial institution controls the resources that are assigned to the problem.
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