To Create A Worksheet Tab With Running Total In Manual Bill Pay

I created an Excel Template for entering bill pay money after all the upcoming auto debits are between my current income check and the next. I was constantly paying off credit cards and other bills and not keeping up with the totals and when it was said and done I had to go into savings just to have enough money to eat on.

So, my idea for Quicken is to create a worksheet tab similar to this Execl Spreadsheet that a user could open, put in the starting balance and as he made payments on line, wrote checks and etcetera, he could just enter the amount and a Payee Name and it would automatically deduct. That way you could see how close you are getting before you don't have enough money to eat on. It is easy and not complicated and it doesn't mess up your main Quicken Register in anyway.

If you already have something like that, then I obviously don't know where it is.

Just a thought.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    How is what you are asking for different from entering the checks and payments in the account's register as you make them?

    The register maintains a running balance of your account.
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