Missing Reconciled Transactions - multiple accounts

I am using Quicken Deluxe Windows Subscription version R38.29, Build I do not use Cloud. I have been a Quicken user since 1996ish. My files are stored on the C: drive and not on an external hard drive. This is not a newbie problem. However it could be a "techie" problem if I need to make some changes with how I store my files/uploads, etc. I choose not to use the mobile services as I routinely use my PC and do not need nor want to be connected 24/7.

Since around November 2021, upon opening my current Quicken file, accounts will have what appears to be random missing reconciled transactions from previous reconciles. Thinking I had a bug, I started afresh for 2021 building a completely new file. It has now had the same problem. I have only January's reconcile and 3 out of the 5 accounts, missing reconciled transactions after one use and save.

The transactions are sometimes within the previous 90 days, one account had multiple transactions missing from multiple months going as far back as Jan 2020. I see there is no similarity to the missing reconciled transactions. It appears to be random. It is not dependent upon: entered manually, downloaded from One Step Update, or downloaded directly from the financial institution. They can be as small as $5 - >$100. It does not seem to matter if they were cash, EFT, or debit. It occurs in savings accounts, cash accounts, and checking accounts. It occurs in different financial institutions, and my cash account that is not linked to a bank account because I use to it track my petty cash so all those transactions are manually input.

I have had transactions go missing while working within the file (i.e go from one savings account, to a investing account, back to the original account without imputing data. For example, going through receipts by date instead of by account. I moved from one account to check something in another - no change of data, no input of a transaction, when I moved back to the original account - the balance had changed, Again, reconciled transactions were gone from the register.

What I find interesting is that when typing in the payee to replace the missing transaction - in the drop down for the payee - the entry that I am making with the dollar amount and sometimes the split - is in the memorized payee, but no longer in the register. So that data is somewhere in the program because it memorized it. So I'm not hallucinating :wink:

I have my file set up to automatic backup. Which has been helpful because I can restore a file from a previous backup. But even from a restored file, within one or two uses and during use, transactions are missing.

I have validated and repaired file(s). Missing transactions are not in the reports.

To mark a "placeholder" as it were, I always input into the Payee "Reconciled @ $___.__ on --/--/--" (whatever the ending statement balance amount and the date). It helps to know: 1) if I did the reconcile (in the first place :)) , 2) if I enter a transaction wrong (i.e wrong year/month), or 3) accidently delete, or in this case, a transaction goes missing.

I now expect that every time I open my Quicken file, when I go back to check my placeholder entries - transactions are missing. Instead of diving in, I now have to backtrack first to move forward.

The data/transactions are not reliable. I have spent hours trying to find the missing reconciled transactions. I pull out my filed receipt/record of what I spent it on for budgetary purposes/tax records, only to have to spend hours putting information in a second or third or fourth time. I am preparing my tax reports, and now I am questioning if I can trust the reports.

This does not bode well for customer satisfaction, nor quality of the product if data is being lost, misdirected, or unreliable.

Please help!
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