Sidebar UI Notification if XX days/months since Last Reconcile (Q Mac)

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Problem to solve: There's no quick way for a user to know if it's time to reconcile an account again. 
Proposed Solution: Custom option, to enable by account. Allow for a UI change to occur on the sidebar that will highlight when a respective account has not been reconciled in XX days/months (as defined by the user).
Implementation Example: Quicken could place a red circle (in comparison to the blue circle highlighting new transactions) next to an account that has not been reconciled in over a month. A user, noticing a red circle next to an account, now knows to acquire the respective bank statement (I do this electronically) and reconcile the respective account. 
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    I like this idea but the time allowed would need to be set individually for each account. While most of my accounts issue monthly statements, I have one that is quarterly and a couple others that bounce between monthly & quarterly depending on how long it's been since there was activity in the account. Then there are accounts like multi-year CDs that may only see one interest deposit a year (and therefor only be able to be reconciled once per year). Having a single time period for all accounts would either generate nuisance warnings for the less frequent accounts or allow too much time to pass before warning me about the monthly accounts.

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