"Update Now" on Dashboard - Date doesn't update correctly

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When you use the "Update Now" feature on the new Dashboard, the update date doesn't update unless you do the update twice.  It could also be that the date doesn't update when you first sign in to do the update.  Nothing major just annoying.  Right now, on my dashboard, my "last updated" date is 2/10/2022, even though the "last download" on my accounts show "February 16, 2022".  If I were to do an OSU or "Update Now" twice, the dates would then sync up, but I don't bother because I know that the "Update Now" date is wrong and ignore it.
(Quicken Premier Subscription R40.21 on Windows 11 Pro)


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    Yes, I am seeing this, too.  For me I had used the OSU button in the Toolbar and the Account List correctly shows 2/16 as the last update for my connected accounts.  But the Dashboard still shows 2/15 was the last update.  It seems that the Update Now date shown in Dashboard is not automatically refreshing when OSU or Update Now are run.  Not a big deal but it should be fixed so people do not get confused by conflicting information.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R39.23 on Windows 10)
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