Currency displayed is USD not CAD

BKevinM Member
I bought Quicken Deluxe online while at home in Canada. I downloaded the Quicken-Canada.exe file at that time. Two weeks later, while in California, I installed the downloaded program. First thing done, once installed, was to add my primary Canadian bank, Scotiabank. When the initial import & update was completed, my Scotiabank chequing and savings accounts appeared in USD but my Scotiabank LOC and credit cards showed in CAD. I went to the individual accounts to change currency and learned that the Canadian Edition of Quicken Deluxe cannot have it's currency changed. The option is greyed out on each of the accounts. Thinking it was a location based thing with me being in the USA, I removed the accounts, deleted the Quicken data file, uninstalled Quicken and then checked my Windows10 Home installation and confirmed my Region is set to Canada and Regional Format (recommended) is set to Canada. I then searched Currency and clicked the link Change the Way Currency is Displayed. When the sheet opened, there's two tabs, Format and Administrative. Under Administrative, I checked to make sure that the 'Current language for non-Unicode programs' did display English (Canada). Lastly, I re-started my laptop. Once running, I used my subscribed VPN software to create a tunnel to Canada. Once connected to a Canadian server (in Vancouver), I re-installed Quicken Deluxe, imported my accounts and exactly the same scenario happened again. Chequing and Savings in USD, all others in CAD. Any clues to this mystery would be appreciated as each time I save or update Quicken, it resets the USD exchange rate from my workaround of setting the exchange rate at 1:1 to whatever the current rate happens to be when I update.
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