Investing Dashboard: Widen text area in Portfolio by Security

Rocket J Squirrel
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The Portfolio by Security display in the Investing Dashboard cuts off security names because the area they display in is too narrow. I have several ETFs whose names begin with "IShares Russell" and they're all truncated in this list without even the usual ellipsis.
There is plenty of space in the dashboard tile to make this text display wider. Please do so.
Please do not advise me to rename my securities as a workaround. I like the actual names.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I agree this makes the chart pretty much worthless in the Investing Dashboard. Note that in the same chart on the Investing Allocations tab, there is enough room to display more of the security name.

    To work around this problem, I have had to rename all my securities to begin with their ticker symbol.
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