Can I delete a customized report & go back to using Quicken's original.

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I called up the Banking Summary that was provided with the Quicken program and it changed it to a Customized Report. Now every time I want to print off the Banking Summary, my customized version shows up. Is there a way I can remove it and go back to Quicken's original report. As it is the end of the year, I'm concerned that something might go wrong and I will loose the original report or mess up the data or worse. I know my program is older, but maybe others could have experienced this in later programs. I couldn't find anything in my searching. Hopefully, you can help me. I am using Quicken 2012 with Windows 10. Thank you.


  • Tom Young
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    I don't use the Canadian product and don't have Quicken 2012 installed so this is a real shot in the dark.
    I take it that the original process involved opening a standard Banking Summary report (Reports > Banking > Banking Summary), customizing it, then saving the customized report using the same "Banking Summary" name?
    I just did that in my current subscription product, and the saved report did not over-write the original Banking Summary report.  What it did - and I think this is the same behavior that used to occur in the Quicken desktop products of that 20XX era - is it saved the report in a different folder as Reports > My Saved Reports & Graphs > Banking Summary.  So both Quicken's original Banking Summary report is available to me as is my customized version of the Banking Summary report.
    If you are saying that your customization actually over-wrote the original Quicken version of the report I can't think of any way to undo that except opening that Banking Summary report and customizing it again, trying to get it back to the original version, if you can.  But maybe the reason you're seeing your customized version is because you're going down the path that includes "My Saved Reports & Graphs?"
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