Schwab 1099 - can't Import into TTax - login fails "Login Temp Unavail, Try Later"

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just sharing - tried to import Schwab 1099 into TurboTax this morning -

Feb 18, 2022 - the Schwab 1099 are avail online, and just downloaded the PDF. 

Tried to Import into TTax, and after walking thru the various "security" screens, did the login to the Schwab screen - but it failed - with the message.

Login Temporarily Unavailable. 

Please try again later, or contact support.

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  • NigelC
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    Seeing the same problem
  • jl747
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    Had the same problem this morning.
    It worked after I turned off my firewall.
    Even after I turned it off I had go through the process a couple of time before I was
    able to download my data.

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  • Ps56k2
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    Appears to be working - as also reported over on the TTax User Forum -
    Worked for me - Friday 18th - 11:00 pm Chicago time -
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  • BillB78q
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    Finally got it to work by connecting to a VPN - not sure if is router or OS network settings but something is blocking it.
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