Add "Edit QuickFill Rule" to contextual (Control-click) menu for transactions

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Sometime when entering a transaction and applying a QuickFill rule, the applied fields aren't what I want or expect, so I'd like to edit the QuickFill Rule. The problem is there's no quick way to get there. While there is a Right/Control-click command to "Save QuickFill Rule", there is no such command for "Edit QuickFill Rule". As a result, the user must:
  • go to Window > Payees & Rules
  • click on the QuickFill Rules tab
  • enter the Payee name in the Search box
  • select the rule to be modified
  • click the Edit icon (or double-click the rule to be modified)
This request is to add "Edit QuickFill Rule" when a transaction is selected and the user presses Control/Right-click to display the pop-up menu of possible actions.

If there are no existing QuickFill rules for the selected Payee, this option would be grayed out in the pop-up menu.

If there is a single existing QuickFill rule for the selected Payee, Quicken should open the Payees & Rules window, in the QuickFill Rules tab, with the existing rule open for editing.

If there are two or more existing QuickFill rules for the selected Payee, Quicken cannot know which rule the user wishes to edit, so it should open the Payees & Rules window, in the QuickFill Rules tab, with the Payee of the transaction found, and the expand triangle open to display the multiple rules; the user would need to simply double-click the one they want to edit. 
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  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Sounds like a good idea to me.

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  • I like this idea as well. 
  • Nikki-Mae
    Nikki-Mae Member
    We definitely need a better way to access the QuickFill rules. Help does NOT point me to where I can edit QuickFill Rules (i.e., I entered "edit QuickFill" in the Help menu and was NOT pointed to where I could edit them). I had to take the time to hunt for the menu, which is as stated above: go to "Window" then select "Payees & Rules." [For folks just trying to get a handle on this, once you get to the QuickFill Rules, you can either use the pencil at the bottom of the pop-up to edit the desired rule or right-click on the rule to edit or delete it--or even create a new rule.]

    I am perplexed to note that Quicken has "Undo Edit QuickFill Rule" (in Edit) and "Save QuickFill Rule" (in Transactions), but no "Edit QuickFill Rule" anywhere (except under the ambiguous "Payees & Rules" (in Window).

    At the VERY LEAST, when someone types in "edit Quickfill" or just "Quickfill", in the Help Menu, we need to be pointed to "Payee & Rules."
  • Nikki-Mae
    Nikki-Mae Member
    I also noted that neither the keywords "rules" nor "Quickfill Rules" in the Help menu will point you to "Payee & Rules." Com'on Quicken guys, please at least add these keywords to the Help Section so we can find the QuickFill rules easily: Rules, QuickFill, Edit QuickFill). Thanks.