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It would be very useful to have (pie & bar chart) graphs for reports available within Quicken Mac, and to have them be interactive, i.e. double clicking on a parent category shows it's subcategories, or navigates to a registry window containing relevant transactions.

It would also be nice to have the filtering tools available on the same screen, rather than launching out to a dialog.

This functionality has been available in other personal finance products for years (e.g. Microsoft Money), and I really miss it in Quicken.

This can partially be achieved with the view that appears below Spending and Income in the top level All Transactions group in the left sidebar, but has significant flaws (can't omit categories, sums include entireties of splits).
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  • jacobs
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    @kcoop There is an existing Idea thread requesting pie charts and/or bar graphs in conjunction with reports. Please see this thread and see if it addresses the feature you want, and if so, add your vote to it. since that post already has about 70 total votes, it's much more likely to get attention from the developers than starting a new one. You can also add a post in that thread if there's some aspect of it you want to elaborate on.
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    Thanks, @jacobs. I have now added a vote to that thread, even if it takes a more static approach. I would like to be able to interact with the graphic reports, drill in, see transactions contributing, etc. Basically have 'reports' better integrated directly into the product rather than be a silo'd space of their own.
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