My mouse cursor doesn't show

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Hi there,
I recently switched Windows computers and everything was working great with Quicken. Then I had to reinstall Quicken after a Windows reset (due to a Windows 11 issue). The reinstall went fine - I was able to open my old data file, but now the cursor doesn't show in the Quicken Window. Even this one! The only way I can navigate is with my touch screen. I can only see the cursor at the very top of the Quicken menu.

This is the only app where this is happening. I have the most recent version of Quicken.

I love this product - I've used it for 30+ years. But honestly, it is starting to become unstable.


  • SoCalGal
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    For others who experience the same thing - I decided to restart my computer. The problem went away. My mouse cursor is back working in Quicken (hooray!)
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