Schwab issues

I had Q Premier and stopped it's auto-renewal. I bought Quicken Deluxe to save $$ and to have a more appropriate subscription. R38.30 Build:

I deleted all former Quicken info, except for the data file, and installed the new program.

I had to deactivate the online services for each account which ALWAYS caused the program to freeze. I then used Control + Alt + Delete, restarted Quicken and re-added that account which also froze the program. Rinse & repeat about 10 times…

However, I continue to have an issue with Schwab. I get an error that states "cannot edit account because there are downloaded transactions that must first be accepted into the account register or transaction list. Finish accepting the downloaded transactions, and then try again." I see nothing in that account as 'downloaded'.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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