Reconcile Math is Wrong

QW latest version on Win 10. Decades long Quicken user. I reconcile my checking account every month when I get the new statement. This time (1/31/2022 statement), the prior balance is correct, same as the ending balance of the December statement, Quicken shows this so it's correct there. I enter the ending balance for the new statement and begin reconciling. I always start by clearing all marked transactions and then marking them off one by one as they show up in the new checking account statement.

After finding and marking every transaction in the statement, verifying the dates and amounts are the same, Quicken shows a Difference number of -$2,952.00 - way, way off.

I did a validate to make sure there were no database problems.

I redid and verified this several times. If I uncheck all 9 of the deposits/credits, it still says at the bottom of that column -1 deposits, credits and -$2,970. So, that's an indication something is wrong with Quicken.

I finally got it working by doing it yet another time. This isn't uncommon with reconcile, it often takes several retries once it becomes wonky. It has some issues, and needs to be cleaned up.


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    If the issue happens again, I suggest you check the debit and credit count.  If the count is off this could be an old bug where a transaction's dates would straddle the closing date causing the transaction to be included but not visible during reconcile.  If you were experiencing the old bug, resetting the hidden transactions dates or the closing date to avoid the straddle was sufficient get the missing transactions to appear or be excluded.
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