R38.30 Credit Card Account Inserts Naming Rules (never created)

B Harven
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Hello - I launched Q38.30 and updated accounts. My credit union MC account inserted name changes for numerous transactions. I deleted the transactions and downloaded a QFX file for those same transactions. But Quicken continued to substitute the naming rules - I never created the rules to my knowledge. As an aside, I also had problems with the Bills & Income tab after entering a payment. It seems unstable.


  • Sherlock
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    Preferences may be set to be create renaming rules automatically when you rename a payee: select Edit > Preferences...

  • B Harven
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    Thank you, Sherlock. However, I will recap: I installed the Q38.30 update, then ran One Step Update. Transactions on my credit union checking account all appear fine, but the linked credit card account had numerous transactions renamed - to a payee that I might have renamed before the update. So I cleared out the transactions, and downloaded the QFX file from the credit union. When it installed, the same renaming seems to have occurred. I can use the memo field to identify the proper payee, but this creates a lot more work. I should also note that my OSU uses Express Web Connect, which the credit union has validated previously is the method they support.
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    To avoid this with future individually (OSU) downloaded transactions, please try this:
    • remove any incorrect Renaming Rules
    • change Preferences to have all 3 renaming rules - related settings enabled (see above picture)
    • change account to manually review and accept downloaded transactions
    • manually review each downloaded transaction, change Payee Name as needed to create a meaningful name and let Quicken prompt you to create proper renaming rule(s) as needed.
    QFX file downloads do not follow these rules and will create transactions based on whatever stuff is sent by the bank
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    UKR said:
    QFX file downloads do not follow these rules and will create transactions based on whatever stuff is sent by the bank

    There isn't a difference on how Quicken processes renaming rules for QFX files vs Direct Connect/Express Web Connect.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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