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Allow users to set a global column view — ie "apply this view to all registers" — so when I set up columns, positions & widths for one account register, it's consistent across all. A higher implementation would be custom views for different types of accounts (cash, savings, credit, investment). As it is, the data jumps around when switching from one account to another, unless I painstakingly try to match the view for each account. For me, eye & muscle memory much prefers these columns to be in the same place from one account to another. Additionally, today, I implemented Tags & had to add it to each account view. How many times I have wished to make a change to one register & have it apply to all.
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  • Jon
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    I don't think it's likely you'll ever get a truly global "apply this view to all registers" option because there are too many differences between investment registers & banking registers. There are 36 columns that can be displayed in an investment register vs just 25 for a non-investment account; none of my investment account register appearances could be applied as-is to a non-investment account.

    I think they could expand the existing "Apply to All <type> Accounts" option to copy the column widths & arrangements, and not just the column selection. That way you could at least make all registers of the same type look the same.

    Finally, there's already an existing suggestion along these same lines; it has quite a few votes but hasn't seen any activity in a couple years:

    Add Ability to Set Default Columns, Sort and Sizes to Registers

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  • jacobs
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    I think what most people would want and expect would be matching all banking accounts with each other, and and all investment accounts with each other, and not global matching of those two different types of accounts.And yes, what's needed is matching not only which columns are displayed, but in the same order and same column width
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  • At the bottom of the column pull-down menu there's an option to 'apply to all' to the the registers in the cash, savings and credit card accounts. I just opend one account of each type, selected the columns I wanted and clicked 'apply to all' option. The option was not availble for investment accounts.