Can Quicken automatically assign categories to thousands of uncategorized transactions?

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My bank, Wells Fargo, does a nice job of assigning categories appropriately to transactions which are listed in the bank's online "Spending Report". But when I was finally able to overcome a Quicken problem linking to my accounts, thousands of transactions were "imported" but thousands of categories were apparently lost and show up in Quicken's transactions registers as "uncategorized". Is there any way for Quicken to either automatically assign its own categories to them or can I somehow retrieve the original ones from my Wells Fargo accounts?


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    Hello @dcforer,

    Thank you for contacting the Community with this question. 

    Unfortunately, once the transactions are downloaded, you will have to change the category manually. You can do this by selecting them all and then clicking  File > Get Info. 

    I have posted a screenshot regarding where to find the preference on Mac for categories. You can also set up renaming rules and quick fill rules for the transactions that get downloaded in the future but I advise that you be very specific when making rules and not make them too general.

    I hope you find this to be of use. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.
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    Note that when using File > Get Info on a group of transactions, if any of the transaction contain split entries, they will not be affected. The categories within split transactions must be changed one transaction at a time.
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