Bill and Income Reminders Groups payees deselected

I have 5 Groups along with multiple single Payees in the Bill and Income Reminders. Quicken Support cannot find a solution to my problem so I am hoping you so-wise ones can help.

I have 5 Groups. Within each Group, I have multiple payees selected and there is a dollar amount shown for the total of each group. If I do not utilize the "One Step Update" all the groups remain unchanged. However, after selecting "One Step Update" many of the Groups have their selected Payees unchecked. Two of the Groups have all the Payees unchecked showing "$0".

I have tried:
Deleting the Groups/Validating/Restart/recreate the groups
Deleting the Groups/Validating/Restart/recreate the groups/Validating/restart
Deleting the Groups/Super Validating/Restart/recreate the groups/Validating/restart
(Super Validating by holding CTL+SHIFT and selecting Validate File)

If I update an account that the Group is tied to (a credit card) with 3 payees, that does not uncheck the group's payees. Only when I utilize the "One Step Update".

I apologize for the length of the description but I have hope this will help find a solution.



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    Are you using mobile or web Quicken or syncing to the Quicken cloud? Syncing to the Quicken cloud has been correlated with Memorized Payees getting unchecked in Scheduled Transaction Groups. 
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