Truist Bank Bill Pay payments not made

As a Suntrust customer for 25+, I've used bank bill pay for all of that time.
With the BBT integration, there were a lot of questions regarding Bill Pay. I spoke to Suntrust Online Digital Support before the conversion and was assured that any bills processed would be paid.
As of this morning, Tuesday after Truist finally processed for the weekend, no bill pay payments have been made. None.
Direct pulls and Truist pushes work, not much else. Apparently, they killed all post-integration bank bill pay payments.
If you have a different experience, please let me know how you managed to cross over.


  • FrankW3
    FrankW3 Member
    Same experience. $65 in late fees later, I am ready to change banks after 50 years. Following.
  • jimmaki
    jimmaki Member
    Same problem here. I've actually been a Suntrust customer since 1968 ! I'm ready to switch to another bank. The BB&T merger to become TRUIST was a nightmare, still is. (as of 3/1/2022) None of my first of the month bills were paid even though the entries are right there in the register. Online help desk says they don't see them. Something isn't connecting. I tried Direct Connect but no dice. Express Web Connect is supposedly working but what I see and what the bank sees are two different things. If I log into TRUIST from a browser many entries in Quicken don't show up in my online account activity, not even as pending. They offered to pay any late fees but they're blaming it on Quicken. Any constructive ideas on how to solve this?
  • gsundel
    gsundel Member ✭✭
    I'm not sure if this is related or not. But I have set up direct connect through BBT online banking as the financial institution. I get my transactions downloaded fine, but when I send a check, I get a "the account not authorized for this request". I'm getting various answer from Truist that range from their online department saying i'm not set up for ACH (which branch needs to do) to have the branch enroll you in digital banking (which branch say I am enrolled) to Branch saying their is a problem with checks and should be resolved in a couple of days (which seems like what if being referred to here). But does anyone know what I need to get branch to enable me for?
  • dc0063
    dc0063 Member ✭✭
    I did run into this problem with another institution during my exodus from SunTrust/Truist. The resolution was two-fold. First go back to the website and navigate to allow 3rd party software. For me it was a different location than signing up for online bill pay. Second, the vendor name in some cases had to be changed for being 'too long' or whatever. In many cases it was a payee that had {xx} designations ease of selection. Bank system didn't like it. Changed to 'cleaner' names and the record was accepted.
    Good luck and congrats on getting DC up on the Truist/BBT site.
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