Cannot download Capital One credit card transactions into Quicken for Windows

A few solutions have been offered regarding this issue but none worked for me.
I found a solution that works and want to share it with everyone.

First deactivate online services for your Capital One credit card account and then follow these steps:
1 - Open the Account List (Ctrl + A).
2 - Click on "Create a new account".
3 - Do not select the icon for Capital One but type in Capital One to search for financial institutions, you'll have a few Capital One choices
4 - Select "Capital One Card - Current".
5 - Go through the process and when it comes to the screen where you can link this new account, link it to your existing Capital One Credit Card Quicken account

It will start downloading your transactions and from that point on will work fine.
Watch for duplicates if you may have manually downloaded transactions.

Hope this helps,