R38.30 - Splits in reminders not calculating correctly

I'm not sure when this update took place because I've gotten use to just accepting them.
But this morning when I went to review my cash flow in calendar all the future reminders with splits were grossly miss calculating.
Quicken software updates have been terrible lately. I'm going to need to stop accepting new software updates until there thoroughly vetted. The quicken team has a lot of room for improvement on there software testing before they deploy new updates.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would advise you to not allow Quicken to automatically update itself without your permission.  The updates are coming fast a furious lately and if things are working for you in your current version then there's no compelling need to update.  At least wait until you can get some sense, via this "community", as to whether an update seems to be working or not working.
    You say that the calculation of the splits is wrong.  I assume you set up the Reminders using percentages for the splits, not fixed amounts? 
    Updates have been known to change Reports and Preferences, for some reason, and what you're experiencing could be related to that.  You might try deleting and re-entering the Reminders to see if that fixes things.  I don't have any split Reminders in my file (I'm also on R38.30) so I can't tell you if I'm experiencing or not experiencing the same thing.
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