Problems with Historic Transactions

Has anyone else noticed a significant number of damaged transfers reported after running a validate and repair? Ran this function on 3/5/22 and received notification of over 200 damaged transfers, almost exclusively from my paycheck to retirement accounts. When I go review one of the damaged transfer transactions in my account register, the whole transaction reflects the current scheduled recurring paycheck transaction instead of the historic transaction amounts. All this seems to have occurred after updating Quicken to the current version from the immediately preceding version.

Have also reviewed the OLD_LOGS.TXT file, and found the following entry,
"Additional data conversion in QWMain started
Finish upgrade to QW16.
Additional data conversion in QWMain completed"
This occurred after the most recent update, and immediately preceding the appearance of these reported damaged transactions.

Because I rely on transfers to allocate money in my paycheck to the appropriate accounts, I would rather not attempt to correct these transactions if this is a software glitch. Thanks in advance for any and all help.


  • JBarringham
    JBarringham Member
    I have observed the same behavior in my validation report after the update to Deluxe R39.21. I now also observe vastly incorrect account balances in my checking account from reports. The account balance in the transaction register remains correct.
  • Randy H.
    Randy H. Member
    Similar issue here. Balance is correct in the account list, but not in the register. Seems to be limited to my Citibank checking account.
  • Randy H.
    Randy H. Member
    On further review, after running a Validate & Repair, I also ran into the same issues with split paychecks as David, the original poster.
  • donjulie91
    donjulie91 Member
    I have the same problem, and I have discovered the origin. After updating to Premier 39.21 yesterday (3/8/2022), the account list on two of my checking accounts shows the correct amount, but the registers are extremely incorrect. Each of these checking accounts have paychecks setup for scheduled monthly deposits. As I reviewed the balances in the register, I have discovered that Quicken has deleted the correct paycheck information going back to March 2004. The paycheck totals are listed in the "Deposit" columns are correctly, but the balance does not correctly reflect the proper addition of paycheck deposits. The register incorrectly adds the current "estimated" value of my future paychecks to the balance for all paycheck deposits since March 2004. As a result, the balance in the register is not even close to what it should be. When I open the details of each paycheck since March 2004, everyone is exactly the same, and is based on future estimated paycheck data. I tried to restore my Quicken file to an earlier version, but the error remains. I do not think I can fix this problem without going back and reentering every paycheck since March 2004. I am not happy with this errror. I might be done using Quicken!
  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Sadly, it is a bug. Suggest you uninstall, reinstall to version 38.30 they are back to so it should get that version after reinstall. Otherwise, you can run Mondo Patch back to 38.30 from update page

    Restore a backup after you have the old version installed that was before you updated and check file out. 

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