Canadian Support needs to be improved

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for both windows and Mac
- BMO connectivity issues
- lack of Canadian features
- missing Canadian banks


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    If the banks haven't signed the contract with Q/Intuit ... there's no one to blame but the banks themselves.
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    BMO works on Mac version, but for the last 2 or 3 weeks its messed up on windows version.

    Also, I could have added, one of the most frustrating issues that continues is with mortgage details... works fine on windows version for Canadian mortgages but does not on Mac version. On Mac version need to adjust each transaction to match principal and interest amounts
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    I would bet that Quicken Inc really dislikes having to support the Canadian version and is only doing it because of the history that it was a supported product.

    I'm really surprised that Intuit didn't drop it when they dropped support for every other country.

    I will bet that Quicken Inc doesn't have a single person that is Canadian.  And none that knows anything about Canadian finances more than what they can get by searching on the Internet.

    It seems to me that there has always been this "understanding" that the Canadian version is nothing more than the US one with a couple of minor term differences and such.  And when it isn't, then you have the complaints that have come up.

    Let's see if I can remember a few that have been posted.
    • Doesn't understand mortgage schedules.
    • Doesn't understand HST.
    • Doesn't understand retirement account types (the only thing that happened is take a US retirement account type and change the name of the type).
    • Doesn't understand taxes for investments.
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