Paycheck Wizard issue after updating to R39.17 & R39.21

We're seeing reports of users losing their paycheck wizard details (splits, deductions, etc) after updating to R39.17 & R39.21. Users are reporting that previously entered paychecks that had split categories are now missing all of the details in the split. This issue originated in R39.17 and continued in R39.21.

We have received an update that the next patch which is scheduled to be released tomorrow (3/11/22), should address this issue.

The next patch will 'fix' this issue by preventing it from happening again. However, it will not retroactively fix current data that may be corrupted. You will need to install the new patch and restore a backup to fix currently corrupted paycheck entries, unfortunately.

If you do not wish to wait for the next patch to be released, then we advise reverting back to R38.30 and restoring a backup. You can download and install R38.30 through this link here.

Thank you!
(Ticket #9294158)
-Quicken Anja