Quicken is stuck trying to activate OneStep update; how do I get out of this?

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Windows 10 Home (up to date); Quicken for Windows (subscription), R39.23 b27.1.39.23 (updated today)

I've been having problems getting one of my accounts to update. So I deactivated it's online connection, and I followed the instructions here to reset things: https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-using-online-services-ol-292

Now, when I try to reactivate the online connection, Quicken gets stuck. The window that has focus has no title, no content, and no active buttons -- there's a blank button on the right, and the button on the left says "More info.." but I can't select it.

I happened to hover over the Quicken icon in the taskbar and noticed that there's an additional, hidden window -- if I move the blank window with focus, I can see that it's about the connection status. I can't bring this other window to the foreground (not by clicking, not by Windows selection methods).

Quicken has been frozen like this for more than half an hour. I can not "close" Quicken from the taskbar -- I have to go into task manager and kill it. When I start again, Quicken thinks there's a connection, but it still doesn't work.

This is a recreate-able issue.

This is not a good situation.
Is there any way around this issue when it occurs?
Is there any resolution to the underlying issue that got me into this mess (292 error)?


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    The instructions you referenced do not tell us to deactivate the Online Services.

    I suggest you restore a Quicken file backup you saved prior to deactivating the Online Services.

    Otherwise, I suggest you deactivate the Online Services of all of the registers associated with the financial institution and clear the financial institution name field on the General tab.  You'll know that you have deactivated the Online Services of all the accounts when the financial institution no longer appears in the One Step Update Settings window.  After you have deactivated the Online Services of all of the registers associated with the financial institution and cleared the financial institution name field,  select Tools > Add Account....  After you have authenticated, Quicken should provide the list of the accounts it obtained at the financial institution and allow you to link them to the appropriate existing registers.
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