Continued Truist DirectConnect issues (ExpressWebConnect works)

Regarding the ongoing issues

Here's what I've noticed in my "voluntary user testing":

Still cannot get DirectConect working after approximate March 3. Was working Feb 22-March 3 when configured with "BB&T Online Banking" per the upgrade instructions as provided by Truist. But about March 3 that all stopped working. I'm not clear if that was caused by "Sending an email from Quicken about a Truist payment" or just incidental to the conversion. Regardless, I lost 6 payments sent via the short time "BB&T Online Banking" FI was able to work.

Through deactivate/reactivation, "BB&T Online Banking" is no longer available as an FI. I've selected Truist, but this operation never completes successfully and sometimes just leaves Quicken with the spinning wheel while configuring the DirectConnect sequence. From there - I'm always in a state of "error recovery".

Contacting Truist by phone causes 1 hour waits and for me I got hung up on when getting transferred. The Truist chat customer service told me DirectConnect works, and when I followed the instructions they provided it turns out it was only Express Web Connect but that IS working now consistently.

DirectConnect issues are clearly an "integration" problem - some combination of Quicken AND Truist - but I remain stuck (again ExpressWebConnect DOES work - just not DirectConnect). I suspect based on OFX logs, there is some lingering info on the Truist servers that need to be cleared (those emails about my payments that got lost) but I have no idea how to clear those.


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    @""Roger Snook"
    Maybe it's time to accept reality, pull the plug, and shop elsewhere. Last month I stopped believing that Truist will soon provide reliable Quicken Direct Connect service for paying bills. After all, the advanced technology and systems to do this were operational (and free) over 22 years ago, so it's still pretty new and difficult to do for some banks. I suspect the problem is keeping their Commodore 64 computer updated and stuff. Truist = Failist
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    Hi @Quicken Anja I saw your "resolved" post (mentioned earlier in this thread), but I'm still experiencing problems. My 3 Truist EWC accounts showed "Improve Connection" in Quicken and so I began.... I did the necessary steps on the Truist site to turn on the service and register a file and began the DirectConnect procedure from Quicken. After providing my credentials, Quicken showed two of my accounts that I can link (curious as to why not all three). Then, after I confirmed the linking I received an error - attached. So I figured I try again. This time after 5 minutes (and I'm NOT on a slow internet connection!), I just closed the spinning wheel Quicken status box. When I went to visit the two accounts, I do see they are listed with DirectConnect now however, trying to download results in errors and the same "error recovery" state that I've been experiencing. From the OFX logs - I can see my old emails I sent to Truist requesting status of payments that were previously lost are getting returned from Truist. (And I am thinking Quicken cannot handle that as they no longer appear in the Online Center.) So I remain stuck here. I even tried a "Reset" and another OneStep update, but no luck.
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    Hello @Roger Snook,

    Thank you for visiting the Community and providing the information above in regard to the resolved Alert.

    Upon doing some further digging, I found this comment from another user which appears to explain that there are some additional steps that need to be done on Truist's end in order for Direct Connect to work successfully in Quicken. 

    I suggest reviewing the comment and trying what they have instructed or reaching out to Truist directly to find out what needs to be done on their end first in order to successfully connect via Direct Connect in Quicken.

    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Hi @Quicken Anja - perhaps you missed in my most recent post above that I already did those steps of registering my data file. I have the OFX logs to prove that I'm getting something back from the Truist systems that either is something Quicken just cannot handle or whatever Quicken does to communicate back to Truist, causes the error. I've reported this problem through the app itself (but I never hear back on those bug reports). This ALL started when I created an EMAIL about missing payments. Sending those emails from Quicken caused the permanent state of "error recovery" between these two systems and I've never been able to successfully use DirectConnect since. Again, it was working great BEFORE I sent emails about those payments, but after, I'm just stuck in "error recovery" mode.
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    @Quicken Anja - I assert there are two issues, Quicken's "create email" about a payment - that broke my Truist sessions. And Truist (which I have escalated to their team), for returning those emails, which should no longer exist, in my OFX log return response (which is causing Quicken to be in a permanent "error recovery" state). Will advise in a few days as Truist plows through my OFX log.
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