When will Quicken consistently accept special characters in passwords?

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All of my financial institutions require special characters in the password. Quicken doesn't accept most of them. It is a huge nuisance having to use trial and error every time I have to change an account password and update Quicken with the new password. I have to repeat the whole process numerous times before finding a combination that Quicken will accept. Seems arbitrary. It's absurd that a tech company such as Quicken can't make the software accept normal special characters that financial institutions (and practically all websites these days) require. And if you can't figure out how, then PLEASE at least be transparent and show what characters you can accept on the password update dialog box.

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    AFAIK,  Express Web Connect - connected accounts cannot use these characters in passwords:  & < > \ or /
    Certain characters have special meaning when used inside HTML code.
    There also can be a problem when banks change to allow use of special characters in passwords, but they forget to inform Intuit as the download service provider of the change. The same applies to changes in maximum password length. Either of these changes will make it impossible for Quicken to use updated password rules.