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I received payments for my invoices through direct deposit so they've already been entered into my account. When I try to mark a invoice paid it shows up in duplicate in my bank account. Can someone tell me how to enter the paid invoices without getting these duplicate entries?


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    To make this work turn the procedure around ... no entering payments thru the backdoor, please ...
    First make sure that the bank account is set to NOT automatically accept downloaded transactions into the register.
    When you download and find direct deposits in your Downloaded Transactions tab make a note of who paid how much
    Switch to your Customer Invoices account and record a New Customer Payment transaction selecting the unpaid invoices to mark paid. This also creates a register transaction in your bank account
    Switch back to your bank account. If the payee name matches the customer name the status of the downloaded transaction will already have changed to Match. Now you can accept the downloaded transaction, connecting it to the matched register transaction. No more duplicates.
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