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I get a lot of transactions where the payee begins with the same name but has useful information further along. ActBlue is a good example: the payees are "Actblue Abigail Spanberger" or "Actblue Stacy Adams". They should all be categorized as "Campaign Contribution" but -- and this is important -- I don't want to lose the information further along in the payee name. So this is not fixed with a "renaming rule" that would rename all transactions to just "Actblue" -- that would erase the rest of the payee information.

It's a general problem, not just for Actblue. Quicken tries to auto-categorize Actblue but always gets it wrong, calling it a "charity" when it's definitely not.
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    If you used a renaming rule for Actblue, then you could have a QuickFill rule to apply the transactions to your preferred category. If you don't want to use the renaming rule —and I understand why you don't in cases like this — then you have to allow Quicken to create QuickFill rules each time you make your first payment to each candidate; then it will do them correctly in the future. 

    While I understand the feature you're requesting here, I think it's very unlikely that the developers will create what you're suggesting. Every QuickFill rule is inherently tied to a specific Payee. What you're describing is a new type of wildcard categorization rule not linked to any Payee. That would be difficult on its own, but it would also create conflicts with existing QuickFill rules. And since these things must be compatible across Quicken Mac, Quicken Windows and Quicken Cloud (because the Mac and Windows programs both use the same Cloud infrastructure), I just don't see this happening.
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