Balances do not match at start of reconcile

I've been using Quicken since the 1980's, but today when I tried to reconcile my checking account, my Quicken balance was off by $200. Every month up to February is good, but the ending balance I had in mid-February is now $200 less than what it should be.
In other words, the bank statement shows a balance of $200 more than what I'm showing, but my previous reconcile matches wit the bank.

thanks for your help!


  • The Keeper
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    Is your March starting reconcile balance different than your February ending balance?

    If so, you need to change your March starting balance to the amount in your February ending balance. I recently experienced the same problem, ie, an incorrect starting balance for my March reconciliation, and attempted to change the amount. Although I was able to hand enter the amount in the starting balance field, the amount reverted back to the incorrect amount when I tried to reconcile again. I posted a question on this board and received this reply:

    "you can't change the value Quicken uses for starting the reconcile."

    After some experimentation, I discovered that you can indeed change the starting amount only instead of manually entering the amount, use the calculator icon adjacent to the starting amount field. When I used the calculator icon I was able to change the starting amount and it was accepted.

    I'm basing this reply on your header, "Balances do not match at the start of reconcile" and not your actual comments which were somewhat confusing to me. 
  • Fajita Shorty
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    Thank you so much, that really worked!
  • Fajita Shorty
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    Oops, sorry, I tried entering the correct opening balance using the calculator as you suggested, it seemed to work, but when I got to the reconcile window, the program said in the lower left by the balances, "Opening balance difference: $1060.00"
    So even tho I was able to change the balance using the calculator, Quicken didn't accept it.

    BTW since we've both had the same problem, could it be a Quicken error? I always reconcile at the end of each month, and have never seen anything like this before...

  • NotACPA
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    That starting balance for a reconcile is a calculated figure ... NOT a stored amount.  It's the sum of all of the transactions in that account that have an "R" in the CLR column.
    That the starting amount changed indicates that an "R" transaction was:
    • Added
    • Deleted
    • Changed
    • A transfer and the other side was added/changed deleted
    You need to pull out your old statements and go back to the last time that the dates and amounts between Q and the statements agreed. Then UN-reconcile everything after that point and re-reconcile MONTH BY MONTH after that point.  The month-by-month is critical as trying to reconcile many months at a time almost never finds the error.
    Once you find the error(s), the rest of the reconciliations should go quite quickly.
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    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription, Home & Business
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  • Iona Trailer
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    Thank you, everyone. I'm having much the same issue. I let updating and reconciling my bank account lapse by several months (...I know, I know, I shouldn't have done that). When I went back in to confirm/save various transactions and then reconcile one month, the beginning balance was off by a whopping $21,072.93 more than what it should be. No per the OP, now matter how many times I manually put in the correct balance (which matched my bank's paper statement), it would still default to the incorrect number.

    I will try doing it with the calculator.

    However, I have found that previous months, which I successrully and properly reconciled, were now all messed up - i.e. the opening and ending balances were now all wrong.

    I'm thinking of going to my older, previous backup file, opeing it, and trying to proceed from there (Hopefully, I can copy/paste or import the newer, unreconciled transactions from my current work file), and see if it'll start off with the proper, correct opening balance.

    Just to let you know, I did NOT see any new transactions which had cleared in the interim since I last worked on my updates. Enough time had passed that I would have seen and factored them in when I was able to successfully reconcile a couple months.

    I hope this is coherent. Many thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!!!
  • Fajita Shorty
    Fajita Shorty Member
    Thanks, but is there a report that shows recently deleted items? I think during my last reconciliation I deleted some uncleared items from 2019. Could that have made the opening balance different?I deleted only uncleared items, noting with an R for a cleared status.
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