improve data validation to catch "weird" transactions.

I recently had problems balancing my checkbook. Data validation found and fixed a few problems, but I still could not balance the account. I eventually called tech support but they couldn't figure it out either.
The next day I discovered that there was a RECONCILED transaction that was dated 2/10/2023. Since that was one year in the future it did not show during the reconciliation.
I feel that data validation should have warned me about this. I seems like a pretty simple thing to program.
Ideally there would also be a similar check every time an account is reconciled.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    A warning in the Validate and Repair log stating that you have a future dated reconciled transaction would be nice.

    But I have had this happen to me too, but I have a different take on what the fix should be for the reconcile.

    If you do a reconcile and the statement ending date is today, then any cleared/uncleared transaction after that date isn't included in the reconcile.  This is exactly how it should work.  BUT they will include reconciled transactions after this date!

    That make no sense at all.

    One might wonder why you might have a reconciled transaction after the ending statement date.
    It one case I had it was a mistake (something I remember what put such a transaction in one of my investment accounts), but that isn't always the case.

    If you ever want to reconcile a past time period, then Quicken shouldn't include reconciled transactions past the statement ending date.

    Example you create an account, and it brings in 90 days of transactions.  You reconcile them.
    Now, you decide to download more past transactions.

    The only way currently to reconcile those transactions is by unreconciling every transaction after those transactions.

    If Quicken wouldn't include reconciled transactions after the statement ending date, then you could reconcile just the old transactions.

    This situation might also come up with Quicken messing with an old transaction and you having to go back and reconciling older periods of time.
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