Quicken Release 39.23 is not sending payments

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    Quicken Release 39.23 is not sending payments
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    Hi @Ergaard .  Some additional information is needed to determine which troubleshoot path needs to be taken.
    1. Are you having this issue with Quicken's Bill Pay service or with Bank Bill Pay (sending bill pay commands from within your Quicken checking account directly to your bank)?
    2. Were you able to send payments before R39.23 or are you trying to get that set up now?
    3. Which bank?
    4. Please confirm the connection method that is set up for the checking account.  (This is noted in the line directly beneath the account name at the top of the Account Register.)
    5. Are you getting any error message(s)?  If so, what are they?
    6. Any other details or comments you think might be helpful in understanding this issue?
    (QW Premier Subscription: R39.23 on Windows 10)
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