One Step Update messes up account balances

i know this has been posted previously, but they are closed to new posts.

I started seeing this problem over the last few days. i am running the current version of Quicken Premier R39.23.

One of my accounts had not been updated since end of October. When download and reconciling the account, I was over by $3550. The opening balance should have be $200 but showed $3550. In the savings account where that transfer took place, it had the correct dollar amount, but its ending balance was incorrect as well. (Both accounts were reconciled before this update).

Speaking with Quicken Tech Support, they stated my issue was due to the fact that my data files are on my internal D: drive and not C:. Stated it needed to be on the C: drive for the problem to go away.

Anyone who's had this issue been told the same thing?
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