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So why bother being religious about back-ups, when your Quicken suddenly creates a crazy download error a couple of weeks ago and after two hours on the phone with support, you have to scrap your current Quicken and restart from scratch after many,many years. Back-ups just kept recreating the error. :( :(


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    Have you contacted Q support about this issue?  Because we're other users ... and it's not apparent that we can help with your underlying issue.
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    I spent two hours on phones with support and final line was their data file was corrupted and had to start over.
    So I now have to have two quicken files one for all may old data and one new one data going forward.
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    Sorry *phone
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    Have been using Quicken for 20+ years
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    I am in same position. over and hour on the phone and in the end They solved nothing. None of dozens of backup files could be opened. Why the hell do we backup if the files are no good. So disappointed in Quicken.
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