A bogus entry showed up in my bill & income reminders

I can't get rid of the bogus entry and none of my auto reminders are dropping in like they used to. I have to do it manually. How do I get rid of the bogus entry? It will not let me delete, edit, skip or ignore.


  • NotACPA
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    What account?  What's the bogus entry?  What happens when you try to edit/etc?
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  • dj_wa
    dj_wa Member
    Shows status "Done"; Due "None"; Pay to Name; Amount 0; show in list "0 days before"; # left 0; Method "Payment"; How often "Only once" I did not put this entry in. I've never had this Pay to Name in my reminder list (It is a business that I pay, but it changes and is not setup to repeat.) When I try to do anything, edit, etc., nothing happens. When I try to delete, get message "Could not delete" with an "OK" box.
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