Please show "Bill Frequency" in Bills & Income window

Please show "Bill Frequency" in Bills & Income window!

In the "Bills & Income" window, we can view all of our upcoming bills.

However, this window does NOT show us the frequency of each bill, making it extremely difficult to interpret or understand or even sort this list in any meaningful way.

It is extremely tedious to choose "Edit All Instances..." for each & every bill, just to check its frequency.

In Quicken 2007 for Mac, we were able to view & sort our bills by frequency, but this is no longer possible in the modern version of Quicken.

Can you please add this into Quicken for Mac?

As a computer programmer & software developer myself, I know how easy this would be to add into the product. This would likely take less than 2 hours of programming time to implement into the product.
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