Mortgage Reminder for Loan amount paid down each month doesn't match Quicken's own Payment Schedule

I created a new mortgage payment and in the 'edit' split it does show the interest and principal that will make up the full mortgage cost. And in this 'edit' screen it shows the correct amount of principal being reduced as $588.

But... in the Reminders window it shows the next 3 payments (4/1, 5/1, and 6/1) incorrectly as all being $590. The "View Payment Schedule" has all the correct amounts for those 3 months - $588 1st month, $590 second month, and 591 third month. But the Reminders all show $590. So the reminders don't match what Quicken itself shows as the payment schedule.

BTW, Quicken payment schedule is absolutely correct and matches my mortgage company, so that's not the problem. The problem is that the reminders don't match Quicken's own payment schedule.


  • beachguysb
    beachguysb Member
    I just entered the first 'Reminder' with the wrong principal deduction showing in the 'Reminder'.

    GOOD NEWS (sort of) - When you actually enter the transaction, all the amounts for that specific transaction are correct.

    But... the reminders that haven't been entered yet are wrong.
    1) For the May reminder (which is now the 1st reminder since we just posted April), it shows the amount of principal that it should be showing for June, so even that first remaining reminder is off a month. And then following reminders keep showing the June principal, no matter what month it actually is reminding us of.
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