Warning: charitable donations do not import correctly into TT2021

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About the only thing I import directly from Quicken Premier for Windows to TurboTax Premier for Windows is my set of charitable donations for the year. This has worked in the past.

This year, the deductible contributions imported from Q to TT were $1995 less than what they should have been.

When I analyzed the results, what happened was that contributions made from Q's "Banking" accounts were imported, but contributions made from "Investing" accounts were not. I had written 2 checks totaling $1995 from my Morgan Stanley brokerage account (which does not have a linked checking account in Q). These are properly categorized and have the correct tax line item in Q. But they did not import into TT. I'm going to call this a TT bug since everything looks correct in Q. I've reported this on the TT forum also.

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    I wouldn’t be so sure this is a TT bug.  Most likely TT makes a COM call to Quicken send it the data, but how Quicken retrieves that information is most likely some king of database query, or even a report generation in the background.  Quicken could certainly be doing the query/report incorrectly especially given the changing of selections of accounts in reports that was changed in Quicken recently.

    It might be interesting to see what the default tax reports give.

    EDIT: The more I think about this this more I’m almost certain this is a Quicken bug, not TurboTax bug.  There is absolutely no reason why they would have created an interface for importing tax values where TT gets to decide what accounts should be used.
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