Capital 0ne 360 fixed, but creates new Account.

Irv Spalten
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I wound up with 2 accounts, and the new one has on a date of 12/31/2021 and the total at that time and all need entries. The Original account up until the problem hit. I've LOST all the old history of that account in the new one. Since I had the old one with it, it added to my total so the total of the old account is also in the new account, and I had to DELETE it so I didn't have duplicate dollars counted. Is there a way to FORCE a d/l of all the old individual transactions in the on-line account? I can SEE them on-line so I'd assume there is a way to do that?


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    Hi @Irv Spalten

    You can download transactions for that account by exporting a .QFX file from the Cap1 website.  However you will only be able to go back 2 years (from today).  Any data history prior to 2 years is not available for download.

    To download a .QFX file:

    1) Sign-in to your account > then click on the "View Account" button;
    2) In the "Past Transactions" section - on the far right, click on the "Download Transactions" text;
    3) In the pop-up window: Select QFX for the file type; then select "Custom Date Range" in the "Time Period" box; 
    4) Set both the start date and end date, and click "Done".
    5) then click the "Download" button.

    To import the file: start Quicken > then double click on the downloaded file > an "Import Downloaded Transactions" window will open > select "Link to an existing account" and make sure the correct account is in the drop-down menu > then click the "Import" button.

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • Irv Spalten
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    Thanks, but that isn't going to work well. I need all the few years data. Going back 2 years means I'd have to know and edit the starting value.

    I did try a 'copy' from the old account and that didn't work either? All out of order, and never went into the account in date order it seemed, and when I completed doing that, the value didn't match on-line?

    I did try the QFX though when Capital one was broken, but that did not work and an I could not import it.

    I guess I'll have to live with what I've got and go back to the bank site if I should need to see some older transactions (which I don't think I'll need to do)?

    Thanks for the answer though.
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