Quicken doesn't open due to login requests which always fail + resolution

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I am entering this lengthy discussion in the hope it may help some future user.


When Quicken opens, data is seen briefly, a login dialog box appears in full screen mode. All attempts to login fail; closing the login dialog box shuts down Quicken.


(1) This sympton first appeared on my Win 7 Pro SP1 box running Quicken 2017 (yes, way out of support). This configuration has been running literally for years. I called telephone support anyway and to their credit they did attempt to help, but no joy.

(2) Bought the subscription model and loaded it on Win 7 SP1, exactly the same symptom. Called Support (eventhough 2017 is not supported) and to their credit they also tried to help, but again no joy. The assumption at this point was that it was a login problem caused by Win 7/Firewall/Anti-Virus (eventhough the Firewall and ANti-Virus had been turned off)

(3) During a later login attempt, a bad password was intentionally entered and the system responded with a bad credentials message, i.e. their was a legitamite outside connection

(4) Rather than load the same QDF file used in previous debugging, it was demonstrated that a new QDF file could be created, i.e. the subscription model does run on Win 7 SP1.

(5) Instead of trying to load the most recent QDF file, a 1 week old manual QDF backup was successfully migrated and validated, i.e. the problem is not code, or OS, it was something in the QDF file.

In the end I was able to get Quicken Subscription model R39.23 back up and running with a 2 day old manual backup QDF from Quicken 2017 with minimal data re-entry.

Note that for years I have run Quicken with the QDF on mapped drive to a NAS Raid box. During the Subscription model installation, it objected to this, and I have moved the QDF to the C: Drive where Quicken is installed.

I do not believe the configuration/amount of data is anywhere near the limits of Quicken.


A sudden login problem may in fact be caused by a (presently unknown) issue with the QDF file. I suspect, but do not know, that this issue would occur on a Win 10/Win 11 system with the same QDF file used above. I will test this later this year when I finally buy a Win 10/11 system.

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