Has anyone using Quicken Canada had problem with currencies changing?

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Has anyone been using Quicken Canada to create an online account, or to update the One-Step Update recently? I did and bank accounts had the currencies changed from CDN to US$.

When Canadian users were not getting Mutual fund updates a few days ago, I ran the One-Step Update setup to see if that would resolve the mutual funds not updating. 
When I ran it, a savings and a chequeing account were changed to US dollars. 
I contacted support (chat) where I was asked to create a new online account. I did so and it automatically created a US$ account. My Line of Credit accounts were also changed to US$.

After what felt like an hour or so, the support person said to contact my bank; the problem was the token at the bank end. The support person was not able to solve the problem. Fortunately, every time I use Quicken I do a backup so I was able to restore a back-up file after determining when the problem started, and then manually sorting out what transactions needed to be added. I would if it is related to the issue of Canadian Mutual funds not updating?

Have any other Canadians had this problem? Check for the US$0000.00. 


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