Duplicate 'My Account" in US and Canada

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As a Canadian subscriber who recently downloaded Version R33.7 I can only open My Account for the US. Under my preferences the following instructions are not available. Has anyone else experienced this?
In order to use the Quicken features for Canadians, including online banking and stock downloads, you must first set your country preferences. 1From the Quicken menu, select Preferences. 2From the scroll bar on the left-hand side of the Preferences Window, choose Customization > Country. 3Choose the Canadian version, then click Save Changes.


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    Hi @dndroutley,

    Based on the information you provided, my suggestion is that you contact Quicken Support - via this LINK - for some hands-on assistance.


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  • dndroutley
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    Hello Frankx, I have worked with the support team. I am advised there is a glich in the program. My question was to try and find out if there are others who have had the same problem.

    In the final stages of the investigation I worked through the Canadian support team, the chat feature doesn't work for me. I will live with the glitch as it does not affect my data file. Thanks for your suggestion.
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