Quicken Windows Canadian's handling of downloads in different currencies.

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You would think at this point it is well known on how this should be handled, but since the problems with have been going on for years, maybe not.  So, I'm going to state what I believe is happening and what the proper handling should be.

First let me state that Quicken Windows US download in any currency other than USD is blocked, so Quicken Windows Canadian allowing it is special.

The basic rule in Quicken is that each account can only be one currency.  And clearly, it shouldn't be possible to change the currency after it is created and any transactions in it.

So, when Quicken Windows Canadian is changing the currency in an account, it is clearly violating this, and that is a bug (which has been around for years).

The proper behavior if given data for given account, in a currency other the account's currency, should be to reject it.

That brings us to the secondary problem.  Where is the information that is stating the currency coming from?

Clearly if it is a QFX file, then the fault is with the financial institution, and they should be told to change it.

When it comes to Express Web Connect it gets ambiguous.  Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service.

Express Web Connect is Intuit getting an "agreement" with the financial institution on what format the downloaded the transactions will be in.  Originally that format was QFX, and as such it was still the financial institution generating the file and their responsibility to fix mistakes in it.  And I believe a lot of financial institutions are still doing it that way.  As in, Intuit is just passing the unchanged information to Quicken.  Of course, if the format is different than Intuit has to convert it into a format that Quicken can use, and there is a possibility of a conversion problem.

What I don't see is any activity after such problems have been reported to fix Quicken Windows Canadian and to find the core cause of the problem and get it fixed (both the rejecting of bad data, and getting the bad data fixed at its source).

Something like this shouldn't have been going on for all these years.

And I might add, that Quicken Windows US should have long ago got the feature to allow downloading with different currencies (but of course a fixed version of it).

Quicken Mac allows connecting to both US and Canadian financial institutions, Quicken Windows US and Quicken Windows Canadian should have this too.
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