2016 Premier on Windows 11

Hello! I just purchased a new computer with windows 11. When i start quicken premier 2016 (which is all I want - I do NOT need a subscription) it gives me the error message "an unknown error occurred. please try to connect later. Any ideas or should i bite the bullet and enter everything into mint?


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    You need to download/install the Quicken 2016 R19.5 Mondo patch.

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  • Western Pa
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    So.. I downloaded and installed the mondo patch. It worked perfect! Thank you so much for spending your time to help me Greg! (Now if I can get the printer to work I'll be in good shape!) Thanks again!
  • NotACPA
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    Why doesn't your printer work?  What happens?  This could be either a Q issue or a Win issue.
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  • Western Pa
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    My new windows 11 computer will not print anything from either my hp 1102w or cannon mx860. i realize they are older printers, but they worked flawlessly in windows 10. I tried all troubleshooters from both microsoft and the factories. i updated software / drivers, NOTHING but errors. Frustrating. It is not a Q issue.
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